BA Flights to San Francisco

San Francisco is a hotspot for travelers and foodies, it is one of the largest cities in Northern California and most densely populated in the United States after New York City as of 2017. San Francisco is given city and county status and is spread to about 47.9 square miles. The ocean beach of San Francisco and a stupendous & historical Golden Gate bridge makes SF a jewel of Northern California. All said, if you are planning a memorable family trip or just a random fun destination hanging out alone to anyplace exotic, San Francisco is the place to be well-thought-out.

For Londoners, BA Flights to San Francisco are cheapest and most comfortable of all. BA Flights to San Francisco arrive and take off regularly from London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) i.e. 10 flights a week. Also, British Airways flights to San Francisco are probably the best option for travelling from London.

BA Flights to San Francisco

Best Offers

British Airways offer most suitable return flights to San Francisco from London Heathrow Airport, cheapest and comfortable than anyone. Book any flight plan, either a full-service economy class packages exclusive for World Travelers on flights beyond Europe or Club World Flight package that is a super comfy first-class flight fare program with almost all the amenities including private lounges, in-flight bar, convertible seats and much more.

The feast is delicious enough with hundreds of movies and music right in front of you. There aren’t any hidden charges whatsoever and an added bonus of 23 kg baggage allowance for San Francisco passengers.

Things to do before Check-In

Before getting on a plane or confirming your flight, you need to stay ahead by booking integrated car hire and British Airways associated hotel plans. Select flights from London’s Heathrow or Gatwick to San Francisco International Airport or Oakland International Airport, the choice is yours. BA flights will get you to both the destinations in merely 10 and a half hours. You can also select from flight + hotel or Customized trip packages that comprise personalized destination airport, car and shuttle service in advance, and flexible travel packages.

Things to do in San Francisco

The residents of San Francisco have a diverse food charm in the whole of the US, it is the reason SF is the unofficial food capital of the United States. With an estimated 4 thousand restaurants in the city, you can get everything made by cooks from all the places in the world. The food streets at Fisherman’s Wharf and Napa Valley are food hubs of San Francisco featuring every flavor of the world. The pubs and clubs with best-in-the-world beer are in excess at Mission District and Tenderloin.

Places to visit in San Francisco

There’s nothing more beautiful than the famous Golden Gate Bridge built on the San Francisco Bay. Do not forget to take a stroll on the bridge accompanying some quality snacks, few selfies, and a buddy to make it the perfect trip ever. Do consider visiting the greenish Golden Gate Park full of plants and flowers all over the park, rent a bike for few hours, take snaps and cycle the place for all the right reasons. Once infamous Alcatraz Island that housed America’s notorious criminals including Al Capone and The Birdman must be on your top 5 list. Ferries are available for hire to the Island and National Park with historical Jail of the Island that is open for tourists. Fisherman’s Wharf, also well-known as little Italy of San Francisco has shops, restaurants, hotels, and a striking view of the city. Book a ferry and drive to the historical places beyond Fisherman’s Wharf.

SF has its own Chinatown, the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. There are Chinese and Japanese Restaurants, markets, antiques, and friendly residents at Grant Avenue and Bush Street. Calm and abandoned twin peaks offer an exquisite city view, especially at night. If you got enough time visiting all the places, get a ticket for a baseball game at AT&T Park.

If you want to visit this great city, BA flights to San Francisco is your best choice!

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