BA Flights to New York

New York is one of the World’s magnificent cities, it is also home to the most powerful men on earth. The city was great and dominant for the last three centuries. New York city never stops, it has thousands of tastes, cultures, languages, and skyscrapers. Starting from the renowned gift to American people and democracy, “The Statue of Liberty” and the Battery Park, New York is filled with fun and unforgettable moments for those visiting the great city.

British Airways carry out its flight operation from Heathrow London to New York’s JFK International Airport or Newark Airport, NY. BA has the busiest flight schedule to New York, 15 British Airways planes fly to JFK every day. The club World-only class carries its flights from London City Airport. With a huge volume of daily BA flights to New York, it is easier to select the best available time period for a trip.

BA Flights to New York

The flight duration with British Airways from Heathrow London to JFK International and Newark Airport is more or less 8 hours on average. For business-class passengers, the US Customs clearance and checking are made in Shannon that makes it quicker to clear the customs. The flight plan is categorized into four categories that include Economy, Premium Economy, Business class, and first class. Also, there is a free seat selection available 24 hours before the flight, the inclusive 23 kg checked baggage allowance is also present in the original flight ticket.

Check-in right from your laptop or smartphone from the Airport. Enjoy discounts and quick seat selection from the BA Smartphone app. The fare prices vary throughout the year, the starting one-way ticket prices range between 383 to 450-pound sterling for economy class. During the season, get the tickets in advance to avoid the hassle.

The Club World class offers a convertible seat that can be used as a bed during flights of longer durations. World Traveler class of British Airways include luxurious seats, personal entertainment system, food and complimentary drinks. Stretch yourself during the longer duration flights in World Traveler Plus class, it has enough room to make it look like a private suite with quiet environment. For the better place, reserve your favorite place with a small advance fee or select for free 24 hours before the flight. From JFK Airport, hire from shuttle service to a private limo from the airport or book online with British Airways “Customize your Trip” tool in advance.

Places to visit in New York

New York is an eventful city, you need to keep up with the pace of time to make memories out of the short vacation. Here are few key and must-visit places in New York city that can’t be missed.

  • The statue of Liberty is world’s famous destination and a proud symbol of America’s freedom that can’t be missed when traveling to the city. It is located on Liberty Island, you need to hire a ferry to reach the Liberty Island.
  • Empire State Building remained World’s tallest structure for 41 years. It opened for public in 1931. For travelers, there are two observation points, one at 86th floor and the other one at 102nd floor providing a panoramic view up to 80 miles atop the 102-storey megastructure.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art has around 2 million artworks and collections from all over the world. It features the glimpses of European, American, and Egyptian culture and history.
  • For shopping lovers, Fifth Avenue si what you need. All the leading brands have stores in the Fifth Take a stroll around the blocks of the famous fifth avenue to witness the common culture of America.

Hire a car or book a hotel room in advance from the British Airways starred hotels and car hire agencies at reasonable rates. Also, select from the travel plans and get the best-guided tour plan with return flight packages with British Airways to cover all the famous tourist destinations in less time.

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