BA Flights to Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are bursting with natural beauty, far away from the global affairs, the isolated yet lively islands are the best summer and winter destination for British travelers. Hawaii is as beautiful as it seems, perfectly suitable for families, couples, and groups of friends alike. The natural beauty is mesmerizing, the shores and falls are seen nowhere at the same place stretching only a few miles except the exquisite Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii isn’t a single large island, it is a union of several small to medium sized Isles making a beautiful Hawaiian chain. If you want to spend your holidays in Hawaiian Islands, you should try BA flights to Hawaii.

BA Flights to Hawaii

The Hawaiian Chain of Isles

The Kauai Isle is the oldest known Island of the chain, it lies to the north of series. The Maui Island is one of the loveliest Island Valley Islands in the world. in Winters, dive into the water along with the whales that migrate to the Island in winters in Maui Isle.

The Orchid Isle of Hawaii is the largest of all the Islands. It has snow capped mountains at the top, white sand beach to its feet, natural waterfalls, rainforests, dense forests, and volcanos.

The Oahu Island is densely populated Island of Hawaii with the majority population. There is everything on a small Island, the Pearl Harbor museum and memorial are also located in the Oahu Island. Dive into the shallow waters or hike the snowy mountains, witness the wrath and creation of nature by visiting active volcanos ­or enjoy the awesome weather of the area fishing in a local coastline. There’s nothing to distract, the Hawaiian Islands are best to get some break.

British Airways Flights to Hawaii

Synonymous to the Paradise on Earth, the tranquil shores and mountains of Hawaii lure millions of visitors year round. British Airways run its flight operation from London Heathrow to all the major Hawaiian Islands via the United States Airports. From London, it takes around 17 hours to reach the Hawaiian Islands. The air route is lengthy and is divided into two phases, the first stop is from LHR to Los Angeles Airport in 11 hours, then to any Hawaiian Island in six hours from either San Francisco Airport (SFO) OR Los Angeles Airport (LOX). Passengers can choose their landing Island from eitherLihue Airport Kauai, or Honolulu International Airport Oahu, or Kahului Airport in Maui. All the flight durations are six hours from the US and 17 hours from London.

The onboard services include complimentary food and drink services for all the passengers, 23 kg checked baggage allowance without any additional charges, and advance seat bookings 24 hours before departure online from mobile or laptop. The in-flight entertainment is included for everyone traveling to Hawaii with British Airways. Select your favorite trip destinations and hotels from the Trip Planner app from hundreds of hotels and car hire agencies in the Hawaiian Islands powered by Tripadvisor.

All the airports offer taxi and shuttle service to the city centers from the Airport. Hire a car online from BA website and explore the amazing Island on your own. All the car hire services on British Airways site are powered by AVIS that is a travel partner of British Airways. The average fares for return flights start from 900 Pound Sterling excluding hotel or transportation fee.


Places to Visit in Hawaii

In Kauai Island: Wailua Falls is a top destination for tourists, the Poipu Beach would be the most gorgeous beach you will ever see. The Waimea Canyon in Kauai Island is the largest canyon in the Pacific and is ten miles long and stretches 1 mile in width. The Kalalau trail guarantees the best-in-the-world sights while trekking along it.

In Maui: there are parks and beaches all over the Island. The big beach and Iao Valley State Park along with the Haleakala National Park trails to Island’s highest point.  Ride along the Hana Highway to observe the breathtaking wonders of nature.

In the Big Island: the Kailua-Kona town will meet all your shopping needs. The Waipio Valley is one of the most visited places in the chain. Also, don’t miss out watching Hawaii active volcanos on the same Island.

Oahu Island: is where most of Hawaii’s population resides, it has hotels, shopping malls, and most importantly the historical Pearl Harbor site. North Shore is heaven for casual surfers while Waikiki Beach is an ideal spot for families.

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