BA Flights to Cape Town

Cape Town is a city full of striking diversities, cultural and natural scenes amalgamated in a fine-looking gorgeous society, a must-visit place and, of course, an attractive place for honeymoons, family vacations, and solo trips. A trip with BA flights to Cape Town would surely be an excellent way to off-load the stress of city life.

Cape Town is the most awesome place in the whole African continent, thanks to its terrain, it has white sand beaches, forever sunny climate, an ocean full of sharks, mighty Table Mountain, greenery, and lovely streets. The food alone is super delicious, a blend of African spices and Western elegance making it best in the world, the tuna fish without spices is incredible here. The International Safari and National Park few miles away from the city with an added sight to look at the African culture closer will make your vacation the best ever.

BA Flights to Cape Town

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Almost all the International Airlines offer flights from London to Cape Town. British Airways offers the cheapest flight rates from Heathrow & London Gatwick Airport to Cape Town International Airport throughout the year. The flight rates are higher in Summer season i.e. from July to October due to the increased tourist movement.

British Airways Flights to Cape Town are luxurious and full of surprises for those visiting for the first time, it takes around 11 hours to reach Cape Town International Airport from London’s Heathrow or Gatwick Airports. The in-flight services comprise top-notch meals & drinks, cozy atmosphere, and unlimited entertainment on board.

Make yourself at ease by hiring the integrated cab/car-rental services from the official website of British Airways that comes along with the flight packages. Plan your two-way tour from Create a Trip section and add up all the budget including hotels, cars, return or one-way tickets, and customized guided tours to several places, all at once before making a trip to Cape Town.

Things to do & interesting places in Cape Town

Cape Town city is full of life, from white beaches to the mountains, tranquil museums to wild party clubs and for its diverse culture, Cape Town is on top of most popular travel destinations for English travelers.

Table Mountain add a splendid valor to the city’s atmosphere, it is a prime location for every visitor heading towards Cape Town. The Mountain is flat as a table top at the summit. The whole city is visible from the 1000m elevation, the Devil’s Peak to its east and Lion’s Head to the west. The low-lying clouds stumbling over Cape Town City form a picturesque view from the Mountain Table summit. A cable car service could be hired online or by calling the service suppliers for reaching to the top. Lion’s head is a famous mountain adjacent to the Table Mountain, it has 669 meters’ elevation and an attractive tourist place for families. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Shark Cage Diving has become an innovative industry in Cape Town, tourists love to dive underwater with hundreds of sharks lurking around freely. The Gansabaii region that is 110 miles away from Cape Town encloses the largest great white shark population in the World. If you are really interested in swimming with the great whites, Gansbaai is your only chance on a tour of Cape Town.

South Africa is a culturally and ethnically diverse nation, it houses all religions and cultures. The historical wonders and sights are still preserved in Cape Town’s natural and historical museums. Iziko Museum houses all the remains of the lost & protected animals. The South African National Gallery is enriched with the local and foreign art; foreigners are welcomed to enjoy the sights of African art. The District Six Museum and SA Jewish Museum overwhelmed with the ancient and modern heritage are the sources to trace back the cultural roots of the city.

The BA Flights to Cape Town offer guided tour packages to the travelers from London to Cape Town along with the residence, transport, and sightseeing facilities in Custom trip flight packages.

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