BA Flights to Barbados

Traveling to Caribbean Islands is now the hottest trip destination for European visitors and British are on top of the tables. Are you planning a short vacation along with friends, family, or a solo vacation? Well, if you are going with BA flights to Barbados, you have just made the great decision.

The tranquil Barbados Island is nothing less than an untouched paradise, with its pinkish-white sands and bluish shores full of endemic sea creatures, it would be an unforgettable trip scuba diving on Miami Beach with a pleasant company of sea creatures. The locals on Barbados are cooperative and hospitable, there are so many spots to enjoy in a stunning tiny island, plus the flight and accommodation packages are well within reach and the scenic views of the shores will fade all the evils in the voyage.

Plan a memorable trip to Barbados

Caribbean Islands are the most satisfying holiday sites for having a short time out of hectic everyday work routines. Ok, if you’ve planned to go the serene Barbados Islands, why not fly to Barbados with a luxurious and elegant company?

British Airways is an award-winning airways that carry its flight operation 7-days a week, it takes on 12 flights to Grantley Adams International Airport Barbados from the London’s Gatwick Airport every week. The flight duration is exactly 8 hours and 30 minutes, and it’s a complete bonus package with special amenities for regular visitors and groups.

British Airways flights to Barbados are cheapest of other carriers with more facilities than anyone in the UK. There is complimentary onboard food and drinks, in-flight digital entertainment, bar, and luggage allowances on special holiday packages. All the BA flights to Barbados land in BGI.

Best British Airways tourist packages in Barbados

It is better to book resorts and car rentals online before boarding a plane. If you are traveling with British Airways to Barbados, it is better to check out the BA associated hotels and luxury resorts from the British Airways official website. There are around seven customized trip packages by British Airways to choose from including the car and hotel packages, for a fully customized tour including all the amenities in a single package, select “customize your trip” to gain access to all-in-one features, fill in the vital particulars in the below menu and pick a one that suits you best from car rentals, guided tours to hotels & accommodations.

Essential Tips

Before making a travel plan, here are few things to be kept in mind. Before getting on board, do switch your cell phones to roaming mode for International calling. There are rental Public Call Offices in the Island that allow International calls at cheap rates. Visitors need not bring paper money to the Islands. Instead, keep all the valuable credit and debit cards along as most of the hotels and shopping stores accept credit cards and cheques.

Beaches & Places to Visit

We have summarized few best shores to visit in Barbados Islands, here is the hit list:

  • Crane Beach for sunbath and cliff diving
  • Miami Beach with delicious food spots and diving schools.
  • Silver Sands Beach for surfing and boating.
  • Accra Beach is ideal for family fun, surfing, and swimming.
  • Bathsheba & Welches beach for surfing, beach walk, and sightseeing (recommended for couples and families).
  • Brandons Beach for cruise shipping and decent food.


Mount Hillaby

Apart from the scenic beaches and the refined natural gorgeousness of Barbados Islands, its mountains are out of this world. Starting from the shores of Bethsheba Beach, Mount Hillaby is the highest peak on the island, the lush green Mount Hillaby is 343 meters above the sea level. Filled with clouds mostly, the British Airways-affiliated hotels and tour guides arrange group/solo trips to the summit every day.

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