Check out the list of 10 most dangerous airports in the world:

10. San Diego: busy airspace with lots of buildings on approach
9. Madeira: difficult approach and a short runway
8. Eagle Vail: high altitude, short runway, mountains
7. Courchevel (France): short and bumpy runway, high altitude
6. Kai Tak (Hong-Kong): difficult approach, fly through tall buildings, short runway
5. Gibraltar (Spain): short runway, buildings on approach, winds from the Gibraltar rock
4. St Maarten (Caribbean Sea): short runway, flying over the beach with a lot of people on there, steep takeoff because of mountains
3. St Barth´s (Caribbean Sea): short runway, has to dive
2. Tegucigalpa (Honduras): difficult approach, short runway
1. Lukla (Nepal): short runway, only was cemented a few years ago, no go around, if land too low you land into a cliff

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